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Group Tours at JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory

Experience a unique and unforgettable group tour at the JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory. Our shoe factory offers you the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of shoe manufacturing up close. Whether you come with your family, friends, or as part of a larger group, we have the perfect program for you.

New Shine in the Shoe Factory

After over a million enthusiastic visitors and 17 years, our shoe factory is no longer transparent, but shines in a new, modern glow. Experience the JOSEF SEIBEL production live, design your own sneaker, and understand what shoe craftsmanship means - you can experience all this in our JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory.

Why is the Visitor and Experience Center one of the focal points in Hauenstein and in the JOSEF SEIBEL world?

No one can answer these questions better than Managing Director Franziska Seibel:

"The JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory has been one of the highlights of the Hauenstein Shoe Mile since 2004. With the redesign, we want to move away from our 'Palatinate understatement' and towards wow moments. For 135 years, we have proven that we are really good at our craft, and it's time for even more people to find out. In the past, the shoe factory could be well described with the motto 'Come in and just look around,' and that had to change. The new JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory is a Hauenstein highlight and should offer exciting added value to Shoe Mile visitors and tourists.

In a museum, you usually can't touch anything, and in our experience center, it is expressly encouraged. You should feel, see, and understand how much work we put into our shoes. With us, you can feel the difference in the numerous materials, learn valuable information about the individual work steps at various stations, and even be there live during the production of our new 1886 sneakers and the upcoming Spirit of Nature line. Here, too, asking questions is encouraged! Our production team is always happy to share its expertise and give visitors something to take away. By the way, you can also design the 1886 sneaker on site using a configurator and thus experience the entire process from the design idea to the finished shoe - an unmistakable experience!

My wish design for the 1886 sneaker is simple, casual, and valuable. Sneakers in understated black always work for me. But I also like color combinations in natural tones like white and beige, as is the case with my current favorite shoe, the high-top sneaker Wilma from the upcoming Spirit of Nature collection.

With us, you will experience craftsmanship up close, as is not possible anywhere else. We not only want to present our new brand concept but also show how much manual work and passion are behind real shoe craftsmanship."

Your Destination

An experience for the whole family. If you are planning a trip to Hauenstein, you can enjoy delicious regional cuisine and wines in the Genussfabrik, right next door, after your visit to the shoe factory. You can visit us during our regular opening hours or at regularly scheduled great events and promotions. It will surely be an experience for the whole family.

Your Event Location

Experience and Enjoy: We celebrate the holidays as they come. In cooperation with regional companies, our events become an unforgettable experience. Culinary delights, prize promotions, and of course an open live production await you. We are currently looking for more cooperation partners - interested?

Your Hosts

Family business in the 5th generation. Tradition & the company. Those who, like us, take a big step forward on their path, like to look back: The values according to which past generations have acted are still the ideal signposts for the future. Go your own way, make the best shoes, support people on their way: this was true for us in 1886 as it is today. And the fact that we still manufacture our best shoes by hand in our shoe factory in Hauenstein with the "Spirit of Nature" collection is probably the most beautiful proof of this.

Teamwork & Family: "We have come a long way in recent decades. Now the next generation has to find its way. And I'm looking forward to it." - Carl-August Seibel, owner and managing director of JOSEF SEIBEL.

Recreational Opportunities Around the Shoe Factory

The JOSEF SEIBEL Shoe Factory is not only an experience for shoe lovers but also the ideal starting point for further discoveries in the region:

  • Shoe Mile Hauenstein: The largest shoe village in the world presents itself with many attractive shops - 1 million shoes are waiting for you. You will also find trendy lifestyle fashion as well as sports and hiking fashion. 7 days of shoe shopping from Monday to Sunday.
  • Genussfabrik im 1886: You can enjoy delicious dishes and selected wines from the region in the Genussfabrik, directly next to the shoe factory, during or after your shopping day. Enjoy & Shop. You can find the map and opening hours on the Genussfabrik website.
  • Shoe Museum Hauenstein: Here you can experience the cradle of the German shoe industry and learn all about the history of manufacturing techniques, types of shoes, and tradition. Experience shoe history. You can find the current opening hours on the Shoe Museum website.
  • Tiny Fox: Even our little ones need the best shoes and accessories - discover our new kids store on the shoe mile now. Only the best for our kids. Open from Monday to Sunday. Website to follow.
  • Factory Sale & Outlet: Buy your new favorite shoes in our factory sale and benefit from the best offers. Exclusive offers. Open from Monday to Sunday. JOSEF SEIBEL Outlet Hauenstein, Industriestr. 1, 76846 Hauenstein.
  • Hiking on the Schusterpfad: Discover nature in the biosphere reserve "Naturpark Pfälzerwald" on the Hauensteiner Schusterpfad. Pure nature. You can find all information about the circular route here.

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