Spirit of Nature Spirit of Nature bei Josef Seibel

We want people to be sustainably well off. That's why we pay attention to our ecological footprint at all times.

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Spirit of Nature.
Tradition at Heart Tradition at Heart bei Josef Seibel

We have been manufacturing high-quality shoes since 1886. And use our knowledge to always get a little bit better.

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Tradition at Heart.
Care for Detail bei Josef Seibel

We support people wherever their path takes them. That's why we care about the quality of every detail.

Care for Detail.
Joy of Walking bei Josef Seibel

We want people to enjoy a life full of joy. And therefore make every single step as comfortable as possible for them. möglich.

Joy of Walking.
Trust in Progress bei Josef Seibel

We want to grow constantly and find even better solutions. That is why we always have an eye on progress.

Trust in Progress.
Form of Function bei Josef Seibel

We want to be people's daily companion. That is why the design of our shoes always focuses on function.rund.

Form of Function.


Dear shoe lover, let us dive together into the over 135-year history of the JOSEF SEIBEL brand. The brothers Carl August and Anton Seibel laid the foundation for the company with a sole punching machine in 1886. In the following decades, subsequent generations of the Seibel family led the company through ups and downs and steadily expanded it. Today, in the fifth generation, Franziska Seibel and her husband Michael Fischer are at the helm of the company. Learn more about the eventful history on the company page.

Regional Focus, Modernization, and Sustainability

Franziska and Michael are focusing on modernization and sustainability. They are also driving the digitalization of the company. The traditional glass shoe factory in Hauenstein offers visitors an insight into shoe production and presents the company's history. Learn more about the sustainable initiative Spirit of Nature and the appreciation of tradition in the Tradition at Heart section.

Brand Manifesto

Since 1886, JOSEF SEIBEL has been making shoes with passion and craftsmanship. The brand does not follow fleeting trends, but instead makes shoes for people who follow their own path and value freedom, self-determination, and optimism. JOSEF SEIBEL offers more than just shoes – it enables freedom and personal choice. And this is reflected in our slogan:

"Wherever I go. Whatever I do. However I feel."

Everything the company does, says, offers, and radiates, sends out the feeling of personal freedom of choice: Self-determined. Free and independent. Optimistic. Full of joy for what is to come. Human. Honest craftsmanship by and for people.

Our Guiding Principles

JOSEF SEIBEL is guided by six principles on its journey:

  • Spirit of Nature: Sustainability and focus on the ecological footprint.
  • Joy of Walking: Every step should be as comfortable as possible.
  • Tradition at Heart: Shoe making since 1886 and continuous improvement.
  • Trust in Progress: Progress and better solutions always in view.
  • Care for Detail: Quality of every detail in focus.
  • Form of Function: Function of shoes takes precedence.


Today, JOSEF SEIBEL is represented in over 40 countries and continues its journey as an international shoe brand. Quality, functionality, and trends are in focus. The shoes are daily companions that are comfortable and sustainable. Discover the career opportunities at JOSEF SEIBEL, learn more about the Kenya Project, and be inspired by Inspired by JS.

Explore the World of JOSEF SEIBEL

Dive into the inspiring world of JOSEF SEIBEL. Discover exciting stories, interesting backgrounds, and valuable consulting topics. Learn more about our brands Westland and Gerry Weber Shoes and stay up-to-date with the latest press releases and information on our social media collaborations.

Sub-brands and Product Groups

  • JOSEF SEIBEL: Perfect fit, high-quality materials, and traditional craftsmanship for every journey.
  • Spirit of Nature: Sustainable collection made of genuine leather and handmade in Hauenstein.
  • Westland: Characterful, lightweight, and comfortable shoes.
  • Gerry Weber: Fine leather and flexible soles for every occasion.

Come and discover the world of JOSEF SEIBEL – be inspired and find your perfect companion!