The flexible all-rounder: men's clogs from Josef Seibel.

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The flexible all-rounder: men's clogs by JOSEF SEIBEL.

Clogs are true all-rounders: they combine style, fashion and functionality and are versatile to wear, we promise! For the workplace, you'll find diverse variants in our shop: Clogs with steel caps, which protect the feet from falling heavy objects, as well as models with non-slip soles, which are especially popular in the catering industry, among medical staff and cleaners. For gardening, we offer breathable and water-repellent men's clogs that can be cleaned quickly and easily, and for home we have mules as ideal slippers and casual shoes. Whether made of soft leather, cork or rubber - thanks to the ergonomic footbed, the shoe adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot and guarantees maximum comfort. The comfortable men's shoe also convinces in terms of style: casual clogs in a sporty design or high-quality mules in elegant leather add a casual touch to your outfit.


Shoes to feel good in - our men's clogs.

Why our clogs and mules are so exceptionally comfortable? Quite simply: first of all, the characteristic cut ensures airy wearing comfort - be sure to pay attention to the width when buying, because a clog that is too tight will quickly spoil your enjoyment of the shoe. Another reason for the outstanding wearing comfort is the high-quality footbed, which not only relieves your foot, but also your joints and back with every step. Last but not least: our men's clogs are true lightweights, and you'll quickly appreciate that, too.

For the production of our quality shoes, we at JOSEF SEIBELl use only first-class, carefullyselected uppers, which are mainly processed by hand. In addition, we provide all of our shoes with a system that promotes breathing and circulation. You can find detailed information about this exclusive technology on our website


Men's clogs impress with maximum comfort.

With the growing preference for casual fashion, clogs and mules are becoming increasingly popular. It's worth taking a quick look back at the shoe all-rounder: clogs, also known as mules or clogs, were once called slipper-like shoes with a firm sole mostly made of wood. The one-time specialty worker's shoe originated in England, and the front, which was always closed at the front, was made of leather, canvas, or raffia. In the 1970s and early 1980s, the clog experienced its first boom as a work shoe of medical and kitchen staff, to celebrate its fashion comeback in the 1990s. With the ongoing casualization, clog and mule have arrived in fashionable everyday life - in various materials, colors and designs they give your outfit a new casualness. Characteristic feature: clogs are closed at the front, open at the back or with a strap and are easy to put on and take off. Well, want more of this casual all-rounder? Then order your favorite model right away in our online store.

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