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Men's trainers - more than comfortable trainers

Whether with a suit or jeans, a leather jacket or a trench, a shirt or a sweatshirt - the favourite shoe of young and old always looks good and cannot be pinned down. No shoe cupboard is complete without sneakers - everyone has them, everyone wears them, everyone loves them. It is the most versatile of all shoes and always politically correct, it also cuts a good figure with a suit. It's democratic and idiosyncratic at the same time, a true all-rounder that effortlessly gives your look a casual downgrade or an elegant upgrade. The large Herren sneaker selection from JOSEF SEIBEL masters the fashionable style break to perfection and is also super comfortable.

With men's sneakers on quiet and light soles through everyday life

No shoe cupboard can do without them and it has long been impossible to imagine our everyday life without them: the sneaker. They always look good, whether worn with jeans, shorts or a suit, and make the look. They are the style upgrade par excellence, for dignified business looks, but also for festive occasions. But where does the ever-popular sneaker come from? And how did it make the leap from the sports field into fashion? At the beginning of the 20th century, the sports shoe manufacturers Keds and Converse brought the first sports shoes with rubber soles onto the market - their wearers could "sneak" or sneak across the sports field almost silently - hence the name, which reached the general public with advertising professional Henry McKinney in 1917. From the 1950s onwards, with stars like James Dean, Mick Jagger and David Bowie, the shoe advanced to become the cult shoe of the "cool kids" - every subculture from rock to rap had its sneaker. With the emergence of the retro trend at the beginning of the millennium, the sneaker made the leap from niche to the hearts of everyone - from classic to stylish, it inspires everyone who appreciates fashion, trends and comfort. A sporty low shoe from JOSEF SEIBEL is always a good idea, because it turns every outfit into something special, effortless and uncomplicated. It cannot be pinned down, masters minimalist as well as trendy, likes to move into the second row, or as a stylish eye-catcher also likes to draw all eyes to itself - and to you, so that you are remembered.

Convincing style arguments: sneakers for men

Whether made of premium leather or high-quality fabric - our sneakers for men are the ideal companion in every season and far more than a fashion accessory. They are breathable and guarantee maximum walking and wearing comfort thanks to their comfortable soles, just like every shoe model from JOSEF SEIBEL. Feeling good starts with your feet, because nothing is worse than going to bed with aching feet after a hard day. JOSEF SEIBEL does everything for your well-being - with men's sneakers that combine fashion and comfort. See for yourself and visit the JOSEF SEIBEL Onlineshop today. Order your new favourite sneakers from the comfort of your own home.