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Ladies sneaker by JOSEF SEIBEL - the comfortable and casual leisure shoe.

The darlings among the shoes and from no shoe cabinet to be imagined without: sneakers. Especially now they are the ideal everyday companions: from the Zoom conference briefly to shopping in the supermarket and on a coffee-to-go with colleagues - in the New Normal sneakers are always a good idea and the sporty ladies sneakers by JOSEF SEIBELan excellent choice. Sneakers are the favorite shoes of young and old, they are fashionable all-rounders, not committed to any style and from simple to flashy is allowed what pleases. They are uncomplicated, always cool and above all one thing: ultra comfortable. And that makes them the perfect everyday shoe. At JOSEF SEIBEL you'll find a huge selection of women's shoes in leather or textile materials, from sporty to elegant, from casual to dignified, slip them on, feel good, go for it and leave a lasting impression.

The combo makes the shoe: ladies sneakers in different designs


In the online store of JOSEF SEIBEL you will find a huge selection of women's sneakers: from sporty models in high-quality textile materials to elegant designs in fine leather. The sneaker makes the outfit, gives every look a special touch, and it is always one thing: politically correct. In business as well as in leisure, the sneaker is the shoe that can do everything and goes with everything: it gives feminine dresses and skirts a sporty touch, the business look the necessary bit of nonchalance and turns the simplest look into an absolute eye-catcher. It is an all-rounder that masters the claviature from fashion to classic and therefore should not be missing in any shoe closet. Order your new favorite sneaker in the JOSEF SEIBEL online shop from the comfort of your own home.

Contemporary design and high-quality materials: women's sneakers by JOSEF SEIBEL


Comfortable, casual and as versatile as hardly any other - sneakers are part of the good tone and the good look. They owe their name to advertising professional Henry McKinney. In 1917, he created the term "sneakers" (in German "Schleicher") for sports shoes with rubber soles - on which the wearers "crept" almost silently across the sports field. They made the leap from sport to fashion in the early 2000s with the emerging retro trend - it made the sneaker a cult and must-have for the "cool kids". Phoebe Philo, the former designer of the luxury label Céline, brought the streetwear classic onto the catwalk in 2011, making it ready to go out - and an all-time favorite of young and old. Women's sneakers by Josef Seidel have everything that makes a favorite sneaker: it gives your look casual, testifies to style consciousness, it is uncomplicated and super comfortable - what more could you want?


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