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Handmade in Hauenstein.

Your specially designed and individual 1886 is lovingly handmade in our experience production in Hauenstein.

Made in Germany.
Tradition at Heart bei Josef Seibel

We have been making shoes for 135 years and have always kept up with the times. We live progress and at the same time our tradition. That's why we named the best sneaker after our founding year - 1886.

Inspired by Tradition.
Care for Detail bei Josef Seibel

We support people wherever their path takes them. That's why we value the quality of every detail. Every 1886 is a unique piece of the highest craftsmanship from Germany.

Care for Detail.

Designed by you.



Design your own 1886: From the sole to the laces, you can design your very own sneaker here - including personal engraving! individual sneaker - including personal engraving!



If you are satisfied with your 1886, it will be sent to you by post - or you can collect it in person here in Hauenstein. The production takes about 3 weeks.


Unpack, get dressed, party.

The best step: unpack, enjoy - and then go outside in your very own 1886 sneaker. Have fun with your design!

Personalise your 1886 - now.

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Inspirations for customised women's sneakers

Inspirations for customised men's sneakers