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"Approaching a shoe completely freely - that's the most beautiful task a designer can have!"

When one of our shoes carries the name 1886, it stands for our origin, our tradition, and the values that have accompanied and distinguished us since our foundation. We talked to its designer Philipp Seibel about why the 1886 embodies the future of the JOSEF SEIBEL brand like no other shoe.

Philipp, with the 1886, you designed a shoe that wants to embody both the tradition and the future of the Seibel brand. How do you approach such a task?

"Basically, the way we approach every new project: We want to make the best shoe possible. With the best materials, the best fit, the best techniques. These are the values we have been working with since our foundation – and which also stand for our path into the future. And today, 'best' for us primarily means sustainable. So sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production processes, and manufacturing here in Hauenstein to minimize CO₂ emissions during transport. A sustainable shoe that simply makes sense today."

And why did it become a classic sneaker?

"First of all, the classic runner is, of course, a very current form. And then there's a very personal preference of mine: I'm also more retro and old-school in my private life, for example, I restore old cars and motorcycles. And here I could start from scratch, so I didn't have to think long. Approaching a shoe completely freely – that's the most beautiful task a designer can have!"

The 1886 can be personalized in the shoe factory or online. What was the idea behind it?

"In the shoe factory, we often hear from visitors: 'Cool shoe – if I could have it in this and that color ...' And we want to make shoes that allow people to go their own way. For me, it's part of it that the shoes look exactly the way they imagine. I go my way – and in exactly my shoe: This perfectly sums up the JOSEF SEIBEL brand – for 130 years we have been making the best shoe possible over and over again. And today that's the 1886."

Your own 1886.

Inspired? Then from summer 2021, you can design your own 1886! Either online with our configurator or live on-site in the shoe factory in Hauenstein. You'll find out when it starts right here from us!

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