JS Care set

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Content 300 milliliter
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JS Care Set

Of course, you can also get our shoe care as a set at a special price consisting of the JS cleaning foam, JS care balm and JS conditioning spray. You get a free storage bag with every care set.


JS Imprägnier Spray „Protect“

Long-lasting protection against moisture and dirt. PFC-free, water-based and biodegradable.


Clean the shoe before use. Shake the spray bottle well. Spray on evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm. If necessary, spread with a sponge or soft cloth. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Safety instructions: Keep away from children.


- Polymer

- Waxes:
We rely on the natural properties of waxes and have used them to create a wax-based impregnating effect.

- Vinegar:
In addition to waxes, we use vinegar as a solvent, as it is a natural product that is easily biodegradable.

Content: 125 ml, Unit price: 9.95 €, Base price: 79.60 €/ litre



JS Cleansing Foam „Clean“ 

Removes stains and dirt highly effectively but gently. Refreshes colours.


Shake well before use. Remove coarse dirt. Work the foam into your shoe using a cloth, brush or sponge. Remove excess foam. Allow to dry.

Safety instructions: Keep away from children


Anionic and non-ionic surfactants

Enzymes: The enzymes provide a strong cleaning power, especially on white soles. We obtain these enzymes from non-genetically modified microorganisms.
Fatty alcohol: The fatty alcohol serves as a solvent for the enzymes and, unlike ethanol, for example, is kind to the skin.
Sodium salts: We know the sodium salt from grandma's curd soap: Together with the fatty alcohol and the enzymes, it ensures a deep-cleaning effect.

Content: 125 ml., Unit price: 9.95 €, Base price: 79.60 €/ litre


JS Leather Balm „Care“

Carnauba wax and lanolin. It also contains approx. 15% beeswax in DAB 10 quality

Content: 50 ml

Single price: 7.95 €, Base price: 159.00 €/ litre

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