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Whether on the way to work or on ➔ rainy walk, waterproof men's shoes are an important investment for anyone who wants to stay dry and comfortable.
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Modern Tex shoes for men with innovative membrane technology

You want shoes that are more than just trendy? Then our JOSEF SEIBEL Onlineshop Tex shoes for men are waiting for you. They give your feet relaxation and lightness. Our feet carry us day in, day out and are in use 24/7. On average we walk about 6 km a day, at the end of an 80 year old's life this corresponds to 170,000 km, i.e. we have circumnavigated the equator four times... quite a feat. And it deserves recognition! The Tex shoes from Josef Seibel take the strain off your feet for the feat they accomplish every day. They are breathable, provide comfort and a firm grip, regulate moisture and protect against wetness. And trend? Comes with it, of course. There's nothing good unless you do it - give your feet and yourself a present: a pair of Tex shoes for men, for many thousands more light-footed kilometres, you deserve it!

The ingenious system simply explained - Innovative and original Tex shoes men.

In elegance, casualness and coolness factor, Tex shoes men are in no way inferior to our other shoe models, but they differ in one essential feature: the innovative and complex membrane system, which can only be realised thanks to the use of high-quality materials. The premium uppers look good, but much more important is what's inside: the Tex membrane. It is waterproof and insulating, so it doesn't let water in, but it lets moisture escape from the inside - so your foot always stays dry and warm in any weather. Other advantages: the sturdy treaded sole for perfect grip and the comfortable insole. High-quality lining made of wool, leather or fabric enhances the wearing comfort and sets fashionable accents. Whether as Low shoe for men, men's Ankle boot or Sneaker for men - Tex shoes offer the very highest wearing comfort. From simple black to sporty brown to trendy material combinations, you'll find the pair that makes your daily walks much easier in the Josef Seibel online shop. Do you wear a plus size? No problem, Tex shoes for men are available in oversizes. So take a look at our online shop and choose your pair, it's the best choice you can make for the cold days of autumn and winter, because feet are fine, everything is fine! Feet good, all good!

Care tips for the exceptional and special Tex models.

In order for your Tex shoes to fully develop their innovative properties and keep them for a long time, they need careful care. The waterproofing is crucial for the durability of your Tex shoes. We recommend silicone-free products so as not to clog or insulate the sensitive membrane. Your shoes got wet? Don't put them on the radiator or in the drying cabinet to dry, as this will not only damage the membrane but also dry out the leather. If you follow these care tips, you and your feet will enjoy your Tex shoes for men from Josef Seibel for a long time, so have fun with them!