A little bit of Hauenstein for Ukunda

In 2019, we originally wanted to open a school in Mombasa. Then we discovered: Despite the children’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn, it would be very difficult for them to find training opportunities or work after graduation.

We decided to take the next step – and built an entire shoe factory including a training center. Supported by German development agency DEG (subsidiary of KfW), the facility will educate future shoemakers and produce the best school shoes for Kenya’s youth with the ROMIKA brand.


Our product is called Shushu. The name was inspired by the following words:

Shule = Swahili for "school".

Schuhe = German for “shoes”


2.950 Kenyan shillings

The price equals approximately 4% of the average monthly income in Kenya.

A small step on our way.

And an important
one for so many people
in Kenya.

Because …

... a steady income is the
foundation for more freedom.

... a good education
provides more perspectives.

... profitability means more local prosperity.

From local

For local

Regional materials
Regional production
Regional sales