A bit of Hauenstein for Ukunda

Actually, we only want to open a school in Mombasa in 2019. However, it quickly becomes clear that as much as the children enjoy learning and are successful, it will be difficult for them to find an apprenticeship or even a job, even though they have completed their schooling.

So we go one step further - and build a shoe factory including a training centre. Here, supported by DEG (a subsidiary of KfW), the future shoemakers are trained - and produce the best school shoes for Kenya under the ROMIKA brand. 


Our product is called Shushu and is made up of the following words:

Shule = Swahili for "school"

Shoes = English for "shoes"



2,950 Kenya Shillings

The price is equivalent to about 4% of the average monthly income in Kenya. 

A small step on our way.

And an important one
for so many Kenyans
on their own.

Because …

... a secure income
is the basis for more freedom.

... a good education
provides more prospects.

... Economic efficiency means more local prosperity.

From local people

For local people.

Regional materials
Regional production
Regional sale





German Quality Made in Kenya.


Ukunda-Ramisi Road, Mvindeni
Phone: +254-20-7855412
Mob: +254-757-080-130
Mob: +254-765-ROMIKA