Our guiding principles.

Tradition at Heart.

If you take a big step forward, it often feels good to take a look back as well. Like us with our newly designed brand. In manyick zurück. Oft genug zeigt sich dabei: Die Werte, nach denen die vergangenen Generationen gehandelt haben, sind auch heute noch die idealen Wegweiser in Richtung Zukunft. 

Den eigenen Weg gehen, die besten Schuhe fertigen, die Menschen auf ihrem Weg unterstützen: Das galt für uns 1886 genauso wie heute. Und dass wir mit der „Spirit of Nature“-Kollektion unsere besten Schuhe auch 2021 noch immer in Handarbeit in Hauenstein fertigen, ist dafür wohl der schönste Beweis.  



Brothers Carl-August and Anton Seibel put their first punching machine in the barn next to their parents’ house: They founded Hr Schuhfabrik unter dem Namen C A Seibel ist gegründet.

1st Generation Carl-August Seibel
2st Generation Josef Seibel


Path through World War I

The 1st World War begins. Demand declines, and good leather is difficult to find. Times are tough for the shoe factory and Carl-August’s son, Josef Seibel.


The war ends, but the next challenge is just beginning. The Great Depression starts at the end of the 1920s, and the German mark loses its value. As soon as this major crisis starts to dissipate, World War II starts.


Josef Seibel manages to keep his shoe factory in business despite every obstacle. After the war, he passes on the healthy company to his son, Josef Seibel, Jr.

3rd Generation Josef Seibel Junior


On solid foundation

Josef Seibel, Jr. experienced the war and captivity first-hand. Like many of his generation, he earned an emergency high school diploma during wartime, but did not do any training or apprenticeships. What he did learn was the most important thing of all: Get things done. He would read his newspaper at 5:00 a.m. and spend his day “at the factory” until late in the evening. He knew every one of his employees by name and cared about their concerns – from the attorneys to the janitors. This family-like culture continues in the company today. The post-war miracle brings new demand and expands production. The collection is still relatively straightforward, but the models gradually become sportier.


The world at your feet.

1983 Carl-August Seibel joins the business. A graduate of business administration, he starts by looking at the numbers: selling shoes during the week, studying balance sheets on the weekend. The company’s productivity grows. 

4th Generation Carl-August Seibel

Shifting into higher gear at the right moment.

Late 1980s

Carl-August Seibel fragt die Kunden nach ihren Ideen – und lässt die Ergebnisse in die Entwicklung einfließen. So entsteht Ende der 1980er-Jahre die erste Damenschuh-Kollektion, ein echter Durchbruch für das Unternehmen. 


Carl-August Seibel takes over sole management of the company. He decides to fly to San Francisco with a pair of shoes and captures the U.S. market – starting JOSEF SEIBEL’s international expansion.


Spirit of Nature.

The first step towards true sustainability: Spirit of Nature is born – the third breakthrough under Carl-August Seibel’s leadership. 

“We’ve made a great deal of progress in the last several decades. Now, the next generation needs to find its own way. I’m thrilled to see where they go next.”

Carl-August Seibel,
Owner and managing director JOSEF SEIBEL