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Sneakers for men in blue color. Are you looking for blue sneakers for men? On this page, we have put together a selection of sneakers for men in the color blue. In the JOSEF SEIBEL collection, there are many different names for the color blue, such as Royal, Sky, and Petrol. We wish you a lot of fun browsing our brand shop. Get to know JOSEF SEIBEL. Shoes from JOSEF SEIBEL give you the freedom to pave your own way. You can experience them directly in our own brand stores and shoe shops. Why not visit the JOSEF SEIBEL Shop Wernigerode or JOSEF SEIBEL Outlet Roppenheim, France? The shoe factory Hauenstein offers shoe production as a live experience. If you need any assistance, please contact our team via email (, WhatsApp (+49 (0) 6392 - 9221 300), or phone (+49 (0) 6392 - 9221 300). We are always here for you from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00. Light blue, blue, sky blue, jeans - blue is not just blue. Chic yet comfortable sneakers for men from JOSEF SEIBEL add the finishing touch to your wardrobe. Sneakers for men are timeless classics in shoe fashion and are indispensable in the current JOSEF SEIBEL collection. Did you know? The JOSEF SEIBEL world is more diverse than you think. For men, there is still much more to discover: men's shoes from the Westland brand, our lovingly developed product lines MERINO men's shoes, our water-repellent TopDryTex men's shoes, and our handcrafted men's shoes from the SPIRIT OF NATURE line in Hauenstein. Feedback from JOSEF SEIBEL customers: Customers who have purchased on say: "I have tried several shoes because I have wide feet and a slight hallux valgus. Well, I urgently needed shoes that are suitable for everyday life and also suitable for the office. I am very satisfied. Absolutely comfortable, good workmanship, looks good, sporty-fine, removable insole (I could use my own orthopedic insoles). Most shoes sold as wide fit are made for grandpas